Good-bye New Jersey Transit

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

Today, I retired from my job in Newark after 25 years.  My miserable commute from Flushing, Queens to Newark is now over.  I started this blog in 2013 to document my commuting horrors on both sides of the Hudson River.  But there were many other bad commutes from 1992-2012.  You can read about those from 2005-2012 on my personal blog.

The delays are caused by Amtrak, signal problems, overhead wires, mechanical problems in the cars among other reasons.  We can’t blame just one person for all these problems.  I just hope that money is allocated maintain the commuter railroads.  Delays are inevitable, but I feel that those on NJ Transit were excessive.  The building of a new tunnel under the Hudson River should help.

Since I will no longer commute, I am discontinuing this blog.  It only received a couple of hits a week anyway.  If you are interested in reading about what I do, please  check out 

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