It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over – Major Train Delays on My Last Week of Working

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

This morning there was an announcement that there was a rail problem at Grand Central Station on the #7 train.  Thus, all 7 trains were running local, so I got off at 74th Street and took the E train to Penn Station.  This was a minor delay.

Throughout the afternoon I received emails stating that there were overhead wire problems near Secaucus which caused delays up to 90 minutes since there was single tracking at that point.  When I left work at 4 PM that announcement was still on the NJ Transit website.  When I arrived at Newark Penn Station the 4:23 which I normally take was 20 minutes late.  I felt that this delay coupled with the problem at Secaucus would be a disaster for me.  I decided to take the PATH Train.

When the PATH train arrived at Christopher Street, an announcement was made stating that service to 33rd Street was suspended since there was police activity at the next stop.  Since I was on the New York side I was able to walk to 6th Avenue and 8th Street and took the F train to Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Street where I picked up the 7 train.  It pisses you off when you encounter a delay on your alternative route.

3 more days to go!  I can always encounter train delays when I am on my way to recreational activities.

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