It is Nice to Know In Advance When There Will Be Train Delays

September 20, 2016

Yesterday I brought my son to the dentist early in the morning.  My original plan was to bring him home and then go to work for a half a day.  Overnight there was a bomb found near the Elizabeth, NJ station.  This obviously wreaked havoc on New Jersey Transit.  I read on the web site and my phone app that there were extensive delays.  With that thought in mind, I decided not to come in as who needs the aggravation.  Today my boss said I did the right thing as I had plenty of time off  that I eventually need to take.

The next time I may not be so “lucky”.

A Bad Experience with the Select Bus Service on the Q-44

August 9, 2016

When the Select Bus Service commenced last fall I wrote a blog entry predicting problems.  One of these problems actually happened yesterday to my wife Karen at the stop on 31st Road and Union Street in Flushing.  We had just missed a Q20 bus at 28th Avenue and wlked down Union Street.  When we got to the 31st Road stop a Q44 pulled into the stop.  One of the machines was out of order while the other one was in use.  When the usable machine became free she purchased her ticket, but by the time she approached the bus, the doors had closed and the bus pulled away.

Instead of waiting for the next Q-44 she decided to walk to the Main Street subway stop.  It was not a great calamity, but I feel that the disadvages of the SBS outweigh the advantages.

No News Means Good News

July 16, 2016

Since there have not been any entries in this blog lately it means that I have not confronted any major tranin delays.  I think I have been lucky and missed delays in the middle of the day.  However, my luck will run out.

I have not seen fare inspectors on the Newark Light Rail lately.  I assume this means that the honor system of fare collection is working.  I think New Jersey Transit is saving money by not employing fare inspectors.


A Tentative Agreement was Reached in NJ Transit Labor Dispute

June 25, 2016


I guess I was too much of a worry wart as a tentative settlement was reached with two unions of New Jersey Transit.  I guess the “catch” is that the rank and file members of the unions must vote on the settlement.  If they reject it, then I can worry again,

The best commute is an uneventful one.

Oy Vey There Could be an NJ Transit Strike Next Week

June 24, 2016


Does that headline look familiar?  Back in March there was a threat of a strike, but a tentative agreement was reached at the last minute.  The unions for the locomotive engineers and conductors defeated the proposal by a narrow margain.  Federal officials have asked the two parties to continue a cooling off period until July 16, past the June 30 deadline.

Let’s hope that everyone comes to their senses and comes to a settlement.  Everyone is out for the almighty buck.

No Train Delays Tomorrow Morning, Please

June 12, 2016

I am returning to work tomorrow after a week’s vacation.  Monday mornings are very common for train delays especially the dreaded “switch problems.”  People are usually eager to return to work to find out what they have missed and what needs to be done.  Let’s see what happens.


The One Train Delay This Month

May 25, 2016

It seems that no news means good news as I haven’t written a blog entry here in over a month.  The one train delay that I encountered was minor, but it came at a bad time.  The New Jersey Chemistry Olympics at NJIT was last Thursday May 19.  The organizers asked everyone to come in by 8 AM.  With that thought in mind I woke up 20 minutes early to guard against possible train delays.  The “Murphy’s Law of transit delays” happened as a boarded the 7:27 from NYP to Newark.  Door problems delayed the departure for 20 minutes.  I arrived at 8:20.

I Missed Two NJ Transit Delays Today

April 19, 2016


Sometimes it is a matter of luck that one is able to miss a delay on mass transit.  Today I had double luck as I missed two delays on NJ Transit as both occurred while I was at work.  I receive emails whenever there is a delay as I found out that late in the morning there were up to 2 hour delays on the Northeast corridor caused by Amtrak signal problems.  I still say someone should get a Nobel Prize for solving signal problem issues on commuter railroads.

Later in the afternoon there was a big brushfire in Secaucus just off the railroad tracks.  My train going back to NYC left Newark at 4:22 and passed by the area that was charred by the fire.  Thankfully, I missed two delays today.

I should not feel guilty as another day I can confront horrific delays going to and from work.  I am tentatively planning to retire at the end of 2017, when I will finally be relieved of this miserable commute.

No #7 Train Delays for Me This Morning

April 18, 2016


I decided to take a vacation day today and just stay home to take it easy.  I must use all my vacation time before I retire in December 2017 so I feel I must use at least one vacation day a month.  This past weekend the #7 train did not run from 74th Street to Times Square due to construction.  It seems that every Monday after a service change there are delays on the train.  Here is an e-mail I just received from the MTA:

b/d, 7 trains are running with delays, due to signal problems at 42 St-Times Sq. Allow additional travel time.

So, what else is new?



Time Lapse Flushing Bound 7 Train From 42nd Street Times Square To Flusing Main Street

April 4, 2016

From Times Square to Flushing in 7 minutes.  I can only dream about it.