Double Delay This Morning

November 13, 2017


NJ Transit Making American Late Again

It seems that after a weekend when the #7 train ends at Queensboro Plaza there are signal problems at Vernon-Jackson.  This morning the train crawled from 33rd Street to Queensboro Plaza where the announcement was made about signal problems.  Luckily I was able to change to the N train and took that to 34th Street where I walked to Penn Station.

With no delays, I can make the 7:36 train to Newark.  I got to Penn Station at 7:50 and found out that the 7:53 was “on hold”.  It finally left the station at about 8:02 and I arrived at work about 30 minutes late.

What a way to start a week.


Will Today’s Delay Be My Last One Ever on NJ Transit?

November 10, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

Perhaps the readers of this blog don’t know that I will be retiring from NJIT at the end of December.  Anyway, today a train became disabled necessitating single tracking from Newark to NYC.  The 7:44 out of NYP crawled as it exited the tunnel.  After it passed the Secaucus station it picked up speed but slowed down again just outside of Newark.  The delay was 40 minutes.

I have 6 weeks to go.  Will this be my last major delay on NJ Transit?

2 Delays from Signal Problems in One Week on the 7 Line

October 12, 2017


On Tuesday, the announcement was signal problems at Vernon-Jackson is causing #7 trains to run very slowly into Time Square.  Luckily, I heard this announcement as the train pulled in to 74th Street so I could change there for the E Train.

Today the ride was OK until the train pulled into Court Square.  We heard an announcement that there were signal problems at 34th Street-Hudson Yards which is a brand new station.  At that point, I was able to switch to the E train.

Can someone fix the signals in the subway system?

Smart Phone Alert Helped Me Avoid a Delay on NJ Transit

September 28, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

I read an alert on my phone stating that an Amtrak train had hit a trespasser and that North East Corridor (NEC) trains were not running from Trenton to New Brunswick.  I usually take the 4:23 from Newark which is an NEC train which I knew would be delayed.  I left my office a few minutes early to catch the 4:06 which is a North Jersey Coast train which would not be affected.

It worked out, so my phone saved the day for me.

Debris on the Tracks Causes Delays on the 1, 2, and 3 Lines

September 14, 2017

3 train

When the #7 train arrives at Times Square I switch to the 1, 2 or 3 line for a short ride to 34th Street Penn Station to connect with New Jersey Transit.  Today I saw that the platform was packed, so I walked down the stairs and walked to 8th Avenue where I picked up the E train to continue to 34th Street.  It is nice to have alternative routes when there is a delay.  I found out that this was caused by debris on the tracks.  Another reason for a delay which was minimal for me.

Will This Be the Autumn of Hell on NJ Transit?

September 4, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

Thank goodness delays on NJ Transit were minimal during the “Summer of Hell”, a metaphor created by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  There were a handful of minor delays getting out of NY Penn Station in the morning this summer, but none were excessive.  Starting tomorrow more trains will be going in and out of Penn Station as the Morris and Essex line trains will no longer terminate in Hoboken.

We shall see what happens as more work needs to be done on the tracks.

Are You a Penn Station Pro from WNYC?

August 14, 2017

I don’t listen to WNYC but as I was perusing through my Twitter feed I notice a tweet about Penn Station with a link to  .  I gave a two-minute recording about New York Penn Station and a quiz about it.  My readers may access it if they’d like.

I don’t think anything will change soon.  Nothing can be done as commuters walk all over the place.  I wish they would keep to the right as they walk through.  Thankfully, there is only a few months to go until I retire.  I will not miss Penn Station in NYC or Newark.

To Alleviate Crowding on Subways Employers Should Stagger Hours

July 26, 2017

Exiting crowded subway
Joe Lhota, the returning Chairman of the MTA, has recently suggested that seats be taken out of subway cars to increase their capacity.  Does Mr. Lhota care about elderly, handicapped, and pregnant people?  How many times has he ridden in a jam packed subway?

Here is an idea that would not cost any money.  Can companies encourage their employees to work staggered hours?  Why does everyone have to work from 9 – 5?  If the heavy commuting time could be spread out, crowding can be alleviated.  The MTA could start an advertising campaign to encourage this.

It is Only One Day – So Far So Good

July 10, 2017


I have used this blog on many occasions to complain about transit delays on my way to and from work.  Today I was pleasantly surprised that there were no delays for me on Day One of the “Summer of Hell”.  In my general blog, I politely criticized Governor Cuomo and the media for using this expression and creating unnecessary anxiety among commuters.

I was afraid that my Northeast Corridor trains on NJ Transit would experience delays getting in and out of Penn Station, but it didn’t happen.  Hopefully, the planning for the repair of the tracks was done right.  It is being done during the summer when many customers are on vacation.  Let’s hope that the delays will be minimal during this summer.

Hopefully Planning by Amtrak, NJ Transit and the LIRR will Minimize Inconvenience This Summer

June 20, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

I guess since I haven’t written anything in this blog for a while, it means that there haven’t been any major delays lately.  True, but this may mean quiet before the storm.  Amtrak announced that between July 10 and September 1 there will be three tracks closed at New York Penn Station to allow for maintenance that should have been done years ago.  Hopefully, this will not mean big delays for commuters.  Over the summer ridership is somewhat lower since at a given point in time many people are on vacation.

NJ Transit has released its schedule for this period.  Fortunately, none of the trains that I usually take have been canceled.  All Midtown Direct trains will terminate in Hoboken compelling passengers to NYC to take the PATH from there.  Many LIRR trains will terminate at Hunter Point Avenue forcing commuters to NYC to change for the #7 train.  This will affect me since it may create overcrowding.  The #7 train is jammed packed as it is.

Let’s hope that the plans made by Amtrak, the LIRR and NJ Transit will minimize the inconvenience caused by the track repairs.