First Day Back from Vacation and Aggravation on the #7 Train Going Home


I got on a packed 7 train at Times Square which proceeded normally until it reached Queensboro Plaza.  The doors kept opening and closing umpteen time as I heard the ubiquitous “step in and watch the closing door please.”  After several minutes the conductors assumed that there were door problems and announced the train was going out of service and to please leave the train and wait for the next one.  Many passengers just stood there and would not leave the train for a few more minutes.  This obviously adds to the delay and creates more aggravation.

Finally the train was empty and there was an annojncement that there was no #7 service and that passengers should take local buses from there.  Just a few minutes ago the same conductor announced that there were trains just behind.  When the disabled train moved out a local #7 pulled in.

I was delayed about 20 minutes, but I think delays like this can be prevented by better mainenance.

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