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The #7 Train Also Sucks on Weekends

March 25, 2017


It is bad enough when we encounter train delays during the week, but they actually suck more when they happen on weekends when we are on the way to leisure activities that start at a specific time.  This weekend the #7 train ended at Queensboro Plaza so riders had to change for the N or W train there to continue to Manhattan.  We planned to go to a Broadway show that started at 2 PM.  I even told Karen that we should leave a little early since you never know when there will be a train delay.

Everything was fine until the train stopped just before the 33rd Street station.  It just sat there for 20 minutes.  When it got to 33rd Street, it sat for another 5 minutes.  Since we had to be at the show by 2 PM, anxiety started to set in.  It finally reached Queensboro Plaza where we changed for the W Train.  We arrived at the theater about 10 minutes before show time.

Murphy’s Law – You will always encounter a train delay when you have to be at your destination on time.

Signal Problems on the #7 Train Strike Again

November 15, 2016


The #34 bus arrived at the Main Street station at 6:55 AM as usual.  When I got down to the platform I noticed that the train on the platform was already crowded.  Finallythe train departed at 7:05 and crawled until we reached Willets Point as the conductor announced there are signal problems. I won’t shoot the messenger as I am grateful that announcements of delays are much more regular these days.  Finally the train reached Times Square at about 7:50 AM (45 minute ride instead of the usual 30 minute trip).  I missed my connection at Penn Station and arrived at work late.

When, when, when will they fix the signals on the MTA.


Last Train Delay of the Year

December 24, 2015


Christmas Eve is the last day of work for me as I don’t have to report until Monday January 4.  My #7 train left Flushing at 6:56 AM and was proceeding as normal into Manhattan.  After the train left Vernon-Jackson in Long Island City.  The train stopped in the tunnel under the East River.  A few minutes later the conductor announced that the train ahead of us was stuck in Grand Central with mechanical problems.  After about 15 minutes we proceeded.

This should be my last train delay of 2015, but I still have to travel home.  I may use the subway to get into Manhattan for some recreational activity, and there could be train delays then.