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Smart Phone Alert Helped Me Avoid a Delay on NJ Transit

September 28, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

I read an alert on my phone stating that an Amtrak train had hit a trespasser and that North East Corridor (NEC) trains were not running from Trenton to New Brunswick.  I usually take the 4:23 from Newark which is an NEC train which I knew would be delayed.  I left my office a few minutes early to catch the 4:06 which is a North Jersey Coast train which would not be affected.

It worked out, so my phone saved the day for me.

Debris on the Tracks Causes Delays on the 1, 2, and 3 Lines

September 14, 2017

3 train

When the #7 train arrives at Times Square I switch to the 1, 2 or 3 line for a short ride to 34th Street Penn Station to connect with New Jersey Transit.  Today I saw that the platform was packed, so I walked down the stairs and walked to 8th Avenue where I picked up the E train to continue to 34th Street.  It is nice to have alternative routes when there is a delay.  I found out that this was caused by debris on the tracks.  Another reason for a delay which was minimal for me.

Will This Be the Autumn of Hell on NJ Transit?

September 4, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

Thank goodness delays on NJ Transit were minimal during the “Summer of Hell”, a metaphor created by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  There were a handful of minor delays getting out of NY Penn Station in the morning this summer, but none were excessive.  Starting tomorrow more trains will be going in and out of Penn Station as the Morris and Essex line trains will no longer terminate in Hoboken.

We shall see what happens as more work needs to be done on the tracks.