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To Alleviate Crowding on Subways Employers Should Stagger Hours

July 26, 2017

Exiting crowded subway
Joe Lhota, the returning Chairman of the MTA, has recently suggested that seats be taken out of subway cars to increase their capacity.  Does Mr. Lhota care about elderly, handicapped, and pregnant people?  How many times has he ridden in a jam packed subway?

Here is an idea that would not cost any money.  Can companies encourage their employees to work staggered hours?  Why does everyone have to work from 9 – 5?  If the heavy commuting time could be spread out, crowding can be alleviated.  The MTA could start an advertising campaign to encourage this.

It is Only One Day – So Far So Good

July 10, 2017


I have used this blog on many occasions to complain about transit delays on my way to and from work.  Today I was pleasantly surprised that there were no delays for me on Day One of the “Summer of Hell”.  In my general blog, I politely criticized Governor Cuomo and the media for using this expression and creating unnecessary anxiety among commuters.

I was afraid that my Northeast Corridor trains on NJ Transit would experience delays getting in and out of Penn Station, but it didn’t happen.  Hopefully, the planning for the repair of the tracks was done right.  It is being done during the summer when many customers are on vacation.  Let’s hope that the delays will be minimal during this summer.