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Hopefully Planning by Amtrak, NJ Transit and the LIRR will Minimize Inconvenience This Summer

June 20, 2017

NJ Transit Making American Late Again

I guess since I haven’t written anything in this blog for a while, it means that there haven’t been any major delays lately.  True, but this may mean quiet before the storm.  Amtrak announced that between July 10 and September 1 there will be three tracks closed at New York Penn Station to allow for maintenance that should have been done years ago.  Hopefully, this will not mean big delays for commuters.  Over the summer ridership is somewhat lower since at a given point in time many people are on vacation.

NJ Transit has released its schedule for this period.  Fortunately, none of the trains that I usually take have been canceled.  All Midtown Direct trains will terminate in Hoboken compelling passengers to NYC to take the PATH from there.  Many LIRR trains will terminate at Hunter Point Avenue forcing commuters to NYC to change for the #7 train.  This will affect me since it may create overcrowding.  The #7 train is jammed packed as it is.

Let’s hope that the plans made by Amtrak, the LIRR and NJ Transit will minimize the inconvenience caused by the track repairs.