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More Service is Needed on the 7 Train on Weekends and Holidays

February 21, 2017


People like to spend their weekends pursuing leisure time activities without the aggravations entailed during the work week.  We decided on Monday which was President’s Day to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 82nd Street and 5th Avenue.  We took the #7 train from Flushing to Grand Central Station and changed to the #4 to 86th Street.  The trip there was OK, but on the way home the #7 train was so jam packed.  It was worse than it is on most work days.

Hey MTA, can you please add more off-peak service on the & train?  You are hitting us up with a fare increase, so can you please add more service to alleviate the crowding.  It will get worse when many of the large apartment buildings in Flushing and Long Island City are completed.