Double Delay on NJ Transit Caused Me To Miss a Professional Meeting In Piscataway


I was planning to go to the VALE Librarians meeting at the Rutgers Busch Campus in Piscataway today.  I was going to travel to NJIT is Newark as usual and meet up with my collegue Joe who would drive me to central New Jersey.  I got to the 7:44 Long Branch train as usual.  The train pulled out and stopped after a couple of hundred yards out of Penn Station.  I waited and waited as the train just sat there.  Finally they announced there were mechanical problems on this train and that it was going to return to Penn Station.

By the time we got to Penn it was 8:20 and saw that the next train that would stop at Newark was to leave at 8:27.  I boarded that one, but it just sat at the station and didn’t pull out until 8:45.   The announcement was there were signal problems. I phoned Joe to tell him to leave without me.  I just didn’t want to hold him up.  I finally arrived at NJIT in Newark at 9:20 over 1 hour late.  I worked there instead of going to the meeting.

OY Vey.  It just never fails when there is a train delay on the way to a special event.  Next December New Jersey Transit loses its most reliable customer when I retire.  I wish they were reliable.

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