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Tragic Accident in Hoboken Today

September 29, 2016


There as a terrrible accident in Hoboken today as a New Jersey Transit train entering the terminal crashed.  One person was killed while at least 74 were injured.  The details may be found in this article on the CNN web site.  The accident will be investigated thoroughly as it needs to be determined if it was caused by mechanical failure or human error.

The line I take from NY Penn to Newark Penn does not go to Hoboken so I was not affected.  From 1979-82 I worked at Schering in Bloomfield, NJ and commuted there from Queens.  Back then I took the PATH to Hoboken and changed to the Montclair line which was part of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad.  New Jersey Transit did not become an entity until a few years later.


It is Nice to Know In Advance When There Will Be Train Delays

September 20, 2016

Yesterday I brought my son to the dentist early in the morning.  My original plan was to bring him home and then go to work for a half a day.  Overnight there was a bomb found near the Elizabeth, NJ station.  This obviously wreaked havoc on New Jersey Transit.  I read on the web site and my phone app that there were extensive delays.  With that thought in mind, I decided not to come in as who needs the aggravation.  Today my boss said I did the right thing as I had plenty of time off  that I eventually need to take.

The next time I may not be so “lucky”.