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A Bad Experience with the Select Bus Service on the Q-44

August 9, 2016

When the Select Bus Service commenced last fall I wrote a blog entry predicting problems.  One of these problems actually happened yesterday to my wife Karen at the stop on 31st Road and Union Street in Flushing.  We had just missed a Q20 bus at 28th Avenue and wlked down Union Street.  When we got to the 31st Road stop a Q44 pulled into the stop.  One of the machines was out of order while the other one was in use.  When the usable machine became free she purchased her ticket, but by the time she approached the bus, the doors had closed and the bus pulled away.

Instead of waiting for the next Q-44 she decided to walk to the Main Street subway stop.  It was not a great calamity, but I feel that the disadvages of the SBS outweigh the advantages.