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A Tentative Agreement was Reached in NJ Transit Labor Dispute

June 25, 2016


I guess I was too much of a worry wart as a tentative settlement was reached with two unions of New Jersey Transit.  I guess the “catch” is that the rank and file members of the unions must vote on the settlement.  If they reject it, then I can worry again,

The best commute is an uneventful one.

Oy Vey There Could be an NJ Transit Strike Next Week

June 24, 2016


Does that headline look familiar?  Back in March there was a threat of a strike, but a tentative agreement was reached at the last minute.  The unions for the locomotive engineers and conductors defeated the proposal by a narrow margain.  Federal officials have asked the two parties to continue a cooling off period until July 16, past the June 30 deadline.

Let’s hope that everyone comes to their senses and comes to a settlement.  Everyone is out for the almighty buck.

No Train Delays Tomorrow Morning, Please

June 12, 2016

I am returning to work tomorrow after a week’s vacation.  Monday mornings are very common for train delays especially the dreaded “switch problems.”  People are usually eager to return to work to find out what they have missed and what needs to be done.  Let’s see what happens.