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Mazel Tov – No Strike for NJ Transit

March 11, 2016


Hooray!!  There will be no strike on New Jersey as the union and management came to a tentative agreement.  No details were announced, but the rank and file would have to approve it.  Nobody wanted a strike which would have caused hardship for thousands in the region.

I am scheduled for a vacation day on Monday, so on Tuesday it is back to the same old nonsense.

Report from ABC News

New Jersey Transit Announces Contingency Plans if There is a Strike

March 3, 2016


The strike would start on Sunday March 13 and cause hardships for thousands of people who live or work in New Jersey.  I do have some sympathy for the workers as they have gone without a contract for 5 years.  I certainly hope that a fare settlement can be reached without a work stoppage.

Today New Jersey Transit announced contingency plans.  However this plan could only accomodate only 38% of the customer base.  I would have to take the PATH to Newark Penn Station and then the Light Rail to NJIT.  Since March 14-18 is spring break week with no classes, I will take that week off if there is a strike.  I will return on Monday March 21.

Maybe Governor Christie will come down from Trenton on a white horse and solve this mess if he is not busy campaigning for Trump.

Are Tresspassers on Train Tracks Committing Suicide?

March 2, 2016


Early yesterday morning a tresspasser on the NJ Transit/Amtrak tracks was killed near New Brunswick.  Every so often we hear this stories and wonder.  Is this person just plain stupid or is he/she committing suicide?  Yesterday’s incident caused delays of up to 60 minutes on NJ Transit for most of the day.  For me the delay was about 20 minutes.

Murphy’s Law of Commuting – If there is a reason for a delay, it will happen.