Oy Vey, There Could Be an NJ Transit Strike


NJ.com reports that there could be a strike on New Jersey Transit on March 14 if no agreement is reached.  If no deal is reached by that date which ends a federally mandated cooling off period, there could be a strike, lockout, or congress can end the dispute.  NJ Transit employees have worked for 5 years without a contract so I can understand their frustration.  I just hope there will be a fair settlement without a strike.  There was an NJ Transit strike in 1983 that lasted 34 days.

I always believe in taking life one day at a time and not worry until a strike actually happens.  There are no classed at NJIT during the week of March 14, so I could take vacation time.  I think the alternative for me would be to take the PATH to Newark.  Since I am a reverse commuter, the crowding would be bad, but not impossible.  Traffic in northern New Jersey is bad enough, it would be horrific if there were a strike.

Let’s hope for the best.



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