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Portal Bridge Problems Caused a 30 Minute Delay for Me Today

February 11, 2016

Portal - 1

The Portal Bridge seen above crosses the Hackensack River in northern New Jersey.  Hundreds of Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains must cross it every day.  Some time ago it was discussed on 60 Minutes in a story describing the crumbling infrastructure in America.  It will likely have to be reapired in the near future.  Due to switching problems this evening one of the two tracks was closed so there were extensive delays getting home.

So what else is new?

Oy Vey, There Could Be an NJ Transit Strike

February 9, 2016

NJTransitLogo reports that there could be a strike on New Jersey Transit on March 14 if no agreement is reached.  If no deal is reached by that date which ends a federally mandated cooling off period, there could be a strike, lockout, or congress can end the dispute.  NJ Transit employees have worked for 5 years without a contract so I can understand their frustration.  I just hope there will be a fair settlement without a strike.  There was an NJ Transit strike in 1983 that lasted 34 days.

I always believe in taking life one day at a time and not worry until a strike actually happens.  There are no classed at NJIT during the week of March 14, so I could take vacation time.  I think the alternative for me would be to take the PATH to Newark.  Since I am a reverse commuter, the crowding would be bad, but not impossible.  Traffic in northern New Jersey is bad enough, it would be horrific if there were a strike.

Let’s hope for the best.