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Thank You State Senator Tony Avella

January 21, 2016


It is about time an elected official is standing up to the MTA asking for answers on why the service on the #7 train is so bad.  A report in the Queens Chronicle states that Senator Avella wants to pass legislation requiring the MTA to announce statistics on disruptions.  The article quotes him as saying “people should have the right of reliable service.”  Let’s get to the bottom of all the delays caused by signal problems.

It is nice to know there is a state legislator out there who fights for his constituents.

Trouble on the #7 Train at Grand Central

January 14, 2016


For the second time in 23 years this morning the #7 train discharged its passengers at Grand Central.  It turns out there was a smoke condition in the tunnel.  Thankfully I was able to get to the Times Square shuttle.  Of course I had to spend time walking to the shuttle stop which created a delay in getting to work.

Bruce’s Law for Public Transportation:

If there is a reason for a delay it will happen.  The number one reason, of course, is signal problems, but not today.  When I have to take one bus and four trains to work, it will happen somewhere.

Derelicts Get Free Rides on NJ Transit

January 11, 2016


I usually arrive at the Track 1 waiting room at Newark Penn Station at 4:15 PM to catch the 4:22 to NYC.  There have been panhandlers in this waiting room 5 out of the first 6 working days of the year so far.  Today a derelict was making the rounds of the waiting room not getting any donations.  He boarded the train when it arrived.  As the trained pulled out of the station the conductor started to walk down the aisles checking tickets.  He intentionally passed by this homeless person and checked everyone else’s ticket.  Either he was lazy or just very timid and was afraid to confront this individual.  I have seen fare evaders thrown off the train at the next station or even arrested.

I pay $152 per month to ride from NYC to Newark.  Maybe I should dress like a homeless person and ride for free.  I still say that NJ Transit, Amtrak, and Metro North should adopt automated fare collection methods, but that will never happen.  I guess that union pressure is preserving antiquated jobs.

So if you don’t have money to pay your fare NJ Transit is the Way to Go.

The Renovations at Penn Station Will Be Completed After I Retire

January 7, 2016

Penn Station crowded

Governor Cuomo announced plans yesterday for major renovations of New York’s Penn Station.  It is one of my least favorite places in the world as I have to go from the 7th Avenue subway to New Jersey Transit in the morning and reverse that journey in the evening.  It is extremely crowded at rush hour and is a popular place for the homeless.  The Amtrak waiting area will be moved across 8th avenue to the current site of the Farley Post Office.  At least should spread out the crowds there.

I just hate being a reverse commuter as I have to always fight the pedestrian traffic going the other way.  I guess it is not as bad as fighting automobile traffic on the highways.  If the plan is being announced now, I will not be working when all the construction is completed.  I tentatively plan to retire at the end of 2017, so I will not be commuting at that time.

First Train Delay of 2016

January 4, 2016


My first commute of the new year results in a significant train delay.  My #7 train left Flushing at 7:00 and reached 61st Street-Woodside without any problems.  Once it left that station it crawled until it reached Queensboro Plaza.  The conductor announced that there was a track condition at Hunters Point Avenue.  Once I reached Queensboro Plaza I was smart and took the N train to 34th Street where I walked to Penn Station.  It turned out to be about a 30 minute delay.  What a way to start the year.