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Select Bus Service Will Cause Problems when it Comes to the Q44 Bus

November 20, 2015


The purpose of Select Bus Service is to save time for riders.  At busy bus stops one has to wait as people dip their MetroCards and walk into the bus.  With Select Bus Service riders can insert their card into a machine before the bus comes, get a receipt, and board the bus from more than one door and not have to dip their MetroCards.  For much of the route there will be a lane set aside only for buses so they will not get stuck in traffic.

Let me play the devil’s advocate and anticipate some problems:

  1. At some stops both the Q44 and Q20A and Q20B pick up passengers.  What happens if you can use either bus, and the Q20 comes first, but you have already paid your fare?  You will have to pass up that bus and wait for the Q44.
  2. What happens at a busy stop like downtown Flushing when a Q44 pulls in and several people have to wait on line to get their receipts?  Will the bus driver wait for them or pull away while they are trying to get their receipts?
  3. What happens when the machines at the stop run out of paper or othewise go out of service?  Will the Q44 bus then be able to take fares in the traditional way?
  4. Guess what! – Fare inspectors are coming to Queens.  They will randomly board the buses to make sure riders have paid their fare.  They are borrowing something from the New Jersey Transit School of Inefficiency and Primitive Operations.

Friday Afternoons and Monday Mornings are the Worst Times for Train Delays

November 16, 2015

By the time Fridays are here everyone is tired in the afternoon and wants to get home to start the weekend.  Don’t you just hate it when there is a train delay on Friday afternoon?  Last Friday afternoon there were signal problems at Queensboro Plaza so I had to take the E train from 42nd Street to get the & at 74th Street.  I arrived home 30 minutes late.

This morning the train stopped between 33rd Street and Queensboro Plaza.  The conductor announced there are signal problems at 34th Street which is a brand new station.  When the train reached Queensboro Plaza I thought the delay was over.  The train stopped several times and arrived at Times Square 30 minutes late.  I should have changed for the N Train to get to Manhattan.  There are always delays on the 7 train the Monday morning after maintenance was done over the weekend.

Why are there some many signal problems?  With all the technology available today, why can’t the powers that be solve the signal problems n the subway and commuter rail lines?

Why do People Have to Stand in the Doorway on Buses and Trains?

November 9, 2015

Thankfully there hasn’t been any major delays to and from work lately.  I guess I am on a winning streak, but sooner or later especially with the cold weather coming there will be delays.

I use this blog to complain about mass transit issue.  I just hate it when people stand in the doorways.  I can’t blame NJ Transit or the MTA for this, but intelligent people just don’t use common sense on public transportation.  This morning a woman likely headed for the airport was standing in the doorway with luggage.  She just stood there as people were getting off at Newark Penn Station.  At least move aside momentarily so people can get off.

I see this on buses all the time.  I can understand it if the bus is crowded, but I see people standing in the doorway when there is plenty of room to stand.  I guess they just have to be the first one to get off when the bus reaches their stop.  By standing in the doorway and being discourteous they save a few seconds.

I guess drivers can be just as bad.

My advice to all commuters – “Expect Discourtesy”