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Strange Delay on the Q34 Bus

October 14, 2015

Q34 Bus

On the way home from work last night at about 8:10 I caught the Q34 bus at Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street.  It takes a strange route in my neighborhood as it snakes around some side streets.  It made a right turn at 32nd Road and Linden Place.  All of a sudden about 4 ambulances blocked the street.  I can understand one, but there must have been a serious situation for four ambulances to be at a scene.  As the bus just sat there, I just had to get off and walk the rest of the way.  It was only about 1/2 mile, but who knew how long the bus would stay there.

I Just Missed a Horrific Delay on the #7 Train

October 1, 2015


Last February I experienced the worst delay I ever encountered in all the years I have rode the NYC subway system.  My commute on the #7 train this evening was pretty much normal as I rearched the Main Street Station at 5:30.  After 6 PM I got messages on my iPhone that the entire #7 line was out due to SIGNAL PROBLEMS.  About an hour later the 7 resumed with RESDIUAL DELAYS.  That means crowded trains and constantly hearing “stand clear of the closing doors” umpteen times at each station.

Thankfully I missed this delay, but what is going on with maintenance on this line?  For years stops are skipped for mainenance. Are the workers screwing up or what?