2 Delays on the #7 Train This Week

74th Street

Platform at 74th Street Today at 5:35 PM

If NJ Transit doesn’t get you then the #7 train will. The  Wednesday morning commute was normal until I got to Queensboro Plaza.  The train I was on was taken out of service since a train at Times Square was having mechanical problems.  I took the N train from there and walked from 34th Street and 6th Avenue to Penn Station.

Today I arrived at the Times Square station at 4:55 and saw the platform was mobbed.  An announcement was made that a train down the line had door problems.  I decided to go to 8th avenue and take the E train.  When I got to the 74th Street station the platform was mobbed as seen above.  I had to let one train pass and got on the second which was jam packed.  i got on the 44 bus which was just as crowded as the 7.  The bus driver really allowed too many people on as people were standing right by the front door.


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