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Big Train Delay The First Day Back From Vacation

August 17, 2015


This story is getting all too familiar.  A New Jersey Transit train was stuck in the tunnel wreaking havoc on the morning commute.  Since I shouldn’t waste efforts writing about it check out the story in the New York Times.

Delays for NJ Transit Riders will be the Norm

August 11, 2015

As of now I plan to retire at the end of 2017 after I am eligible for benefits I get after 25 years of employment with NJIT.  This not engraved in stone and could be changed.  It looks like commuting may be miserable for the rest of my working years.  Please see this story from the New York Times.  Oy vey!

No Train Delays Until Monday August 17

August 6, 2015

And why no train delays for the next 11 days?  I am on vacation!  I am not traveling anywhere, but will just stay at home and take it easy for a while.  I guess I take in a few museums, but certainly not traveling to Newark.  I had one last train delay today.  It turns out that there was a track fire near Newark Penn Station so there was no service for a few hours.  I had to take the PATH train to NY Penn Station, so the delay was minimal.  So what else is new?