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Amtrak Sucks More Than New Jersey Transit

July 27, 2015

Amtrak owns the right of way between Penn Station in NYC and Trenton.  NJ Transit pays for the right to you those tracks. Also Amtrak owns NY Penn and leases space to NJ Transit.  I was glad to read that NJ Transit filed complaints and met with Amtrak officials to discuss the delays.

The article states “NJ Transit officials are seeking “details on immediate and long term corrective actions being taken regarding recent service disruptions, what plans will be in place should a rare instance like this occur again,”  What do they mean by rare.  There are delays every day caused by stalled trains, downed wires, and signal problems.  Thus most of the problems on the North East Corrider are caused by Amtrak while NJ Transit customers have to suffer.

The bottom line is that there is poor maintainence of the tracks, equipment and switches by Amtrak personnel.  The managers responsible for the maintainance should be fired.  Perhaps the U.S. Congress should investigate their operations.  I really think that customers of mass transit who are greatly inconvenienced by delays should get refunds.

Governor Christie Doesn’t Care About New Jersey Transit Delays

July 24, 2015

The following story appeared in the New York Times and stated:

“Once the applause quieted down he was asked by a reporter, “Do you care about New Jersey Transit riders?” The governor did not respond or turn to see where the question had come from as he continued walking into the firehouse.”

I guess more concerned about runnng for president.  It seems that every day there are extensive delays on New Jersey Transit. It just does not pay to make complaints as the people running this agency just don’t care.  To add insult to injury there will be a 9% fare increase in October.

First Day Back from Vacation and Aggravation on the #7 Train Going Home

July 13, 2015


I got on a packed 7 train at Times Square which proceeded normally until it reached Queensboro Plaza.  The doors kept opening and closing umpteen time as I heard the ubiquitous “step in and watch the closing door please.”  After several minutes the conductors assumed that there were door problems and announced the train was going out of service and to please leave the train and wait for the next one.  Many passengers just stood there and would not leave the train for a few more minutes.  This obviously adds to the delay and creates more aggravation.

Finally the train was empty and there was an annojncement that there was no #7 service and that passengers should take local buses from there.  Just a few minutes ago the same conductor announced that there were trains just behind.  When the disabled train moved out a local #7 pulled in.

I was delayed about 20 minutes, but I think delays like this can be prevented by better mainenance.