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It Does Not Pay To Complain to the Morons Who Run New Jersey Transit

June 30, 2015


12 days ago  I complained to NJ Transit that there were 2 of their police officers serving as fare inspectors on the Newark Light Rail.  There are certainly more important things for police to do.  This is the response that I got from them:

We are replying to your feedback of 6/18/2015 regarding subject: NJ Transit Police Should Not Be Deployed as Fare Inspectors. We appreciate your feedback regarding the use of our police force and fare enforcement officers. Your concerns are understandable and have been made available for review by the appropriate personnel.

Your comments will be taken into consideration as we determine how to most-effectively make use of our manpower, moving forward.

Your support of public transportation is appreciated.


Today there were 3 police officers checking tickets on the Light Rail.  It just proves that it is not worth the time and effort to complain to the morons running this agency.  Maybe they shoul have their Executive Director clean the rest rooms.

NJ Transit Police Officers Should Not Be Deployed as Fare Inspectors on the Newark Light Rail

June 18, 2015


Here is another complaint that I just sent to New Jersey Transit.  I don’t think it will do any good as I am convinced there are a bunch of jerks running this agency.

The NJ Transit Police should not be checking tickets on the Newark Light Rail.  There is a constant threat of terrorism in Penn Station and that is where the police should patrol.  Why can’t they patrol the stations on the light rail line where there have been armed robberies in the past.  Fare inspectors make much less money than police officers.  You are asking the riding public for more money yet you are using personnel ineficiently.  Please stop this practice.

Another NJ Tranist Delay Caused by a Stalled Amtrak Train

June 15, 2015

I just received this email (3:05 PM) from NJ Transit:

“Trains are subject to 15-20 minute delays in/out of NY due to single tracking in one Hudson River tunnel as a result of a disabled Amtrak train.”

Why do Amtrak trains always get stuck in the Hudson River tunnel or in the approach to NY Penn Station?

Sometimes I think Amtrak sucks more than NJ Transit.

Hopefully the situation will rectified by the time a leave to get home.