2 Major Delays in One Week on NJ Transit


On Wednesday morning when I arrived at the 7th avenue concourse at NY Penn Station I saw the dreaded “Delayed” signs as seen above.  All trains coming a leaving were delayed as a train was stuck in the Hudson River tunnel.  To make a long story short I arrived at work about 50 minutes late.

Everything  was ok on Friday evening until my train, the dreaded 3856, was almost at NY Penn.  It is common to have to wait until a track in the station clears.  But after several minutes it was announced that there was a stalled train in the station.  My train had to back up to go around the crippled train.  It ended up on a track normally used by the Long Island Railroad.

NY Penn was absolutely mobbed as i exited the train.  It was wall to wall people at both levels.  In all the years I have used NY Penn I had never seen it so crowded.  I just couldn’t understand why as this was not a holiday weekend.  Friday evenings are just the worst time for a train delay.

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