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I’d Rather Walk Than Ride on a Crowded Bus

May 29, 2015

crowded bus

The last leg of my trip home is a one mile bus ride on the Q44, Q20A, Q20B, or Q34 bus.  Sometimes this ride can be the most uncomfortable part of my miserable commute.  Today the line for the bus was a city block long.  Instead of waiting I decided to walk home which takes about 20 minutes.  I just hate it when people just refuse to walk to the back of the bus or stand in the doorway when they are not getting off.

You just can’t win

The NJ Transit Public Hearings on the Proposed Fare Hike Are Kangaroo Courts

May 19, 2015


By law NJ Transit is required to hold public hearing when there is a proposed fare hike.  In all actuality the fare hikes are a done deal and  going to these hearings is just a waste of time and effort.  The first hearing was held last night in Freehold Township, but there will be other hearings throughout the state this week.  NJ Transit claims they are facing a big deficit. but are they doing anything to minimize their costs?  I say that they should adopt an automated fare collection system and fire most of the conductors and fare inspectors who are dinosaurs.  This is the 21st century yet a 19th century method is being used to collect fares.  I think the gasoline tax should be raised to support NJ Transit.

My guess is that there will be a fare hike, but lowered to about 7%.  We shall see.

Delayed on the #7 Line by a Sick Passenger

May 6, 2015

Last night at about 7:30 I boarded the #7 at Times Square.  After waiting for about 10 minutes I heard the announcement that the trains were not running as there was a sick passenger at Hunters Point Avenue.  When this happens you never know how long the delay will be, so I walked over to the E train at 8th Avenue.  I was delayed for about 20 minutes.

When there is an announcement of a sick passenger, you never what they mean by sick.  Could it just be nausea or could it be a life threatening situation?  Will an ambulance have to be called or can the person recover enough by sitting outside the train for a few minutes?

I am always sensitive to these situations as some day that sick passenger could be me.  Some years back at Queensboro Plaza I felt nauseous.  I got off the hot and crowded train and felt better after sitting down for a few minutes.

2 Major Delays in One Week on NJ Transit

May 1, 2015


On Wednesday morning when I arrived at the 7th avenue concourse at NY Penn Station I saw the dreaded “Delayed” signs as seen above.  All trains coming a leaving were delayed as a train was stuck in the Hudson River tunnel.  To make a long story short I arrived at work about 50 minutes late.

Everything  was ok on Friday evening until my train, the dreaded 3856, was almost at NY Penn.  It is common to have to wait until a track in the station clears.  But after several minutes it was announced that there was a stalled train in the station.  My train had to back up to go around the crippled train.  It ended up on a track normally used by the Long Island Railroad.

NY Penn was absolutely mobbed as i exited the train.  It was wall to wall people at both levels.  In all the years I have used NY Penn I had never seen it so crowded.  I just couldn’t understand why as this was not a holiday weekend.  Friday evenings are just the worst time for a train delay.