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Fighting over a Seat on the NYC Subway

March 10, 2015

I usually relate my personal experiences on the 3 blogs that I publish.  I found this video on Youtube about two people fighting over a seat on the N train in NYC.  I usually make a point not to argue with strangers on public transportation.  I really thought that both of these people were wrong.  It is not right to hog a seat on the subway.  I also hate it when people block doors.  That’s the way it is.  There is nothing you can do about this even though the MTA is trying to promote courtesy.

New Jersey Transit Police Don’t Want to Chase Homeless People From Waiting Rooms in Newark

March 4, 2015

Here is a copy of my complaint to New Jersey Transit customer service

When I walked into the waiting room for Track 1 this afternoon there were 4 homeless people who smelled terribly. There is a sign that clearly says “Ticket Passengers Only in this Area.” I phoned the New Jersey Transit Police who at first refused to come to rectify the situation. When I told them about the signage, the person said “I’ll send someone to check for tickets. Nobody came in 10 minutes, but my train to NYC came before the police came.
I am really getting tired of reporting this situation, with no action by New Jersey Transit. Whenever you have an online customer survey, I report this. What is the sense of having a customer service department if there is never a follow through when chronic problems are reported.
I understand that the police can not cover every square inch of Newark Penn Station, but I strongly believe there must be regular patrols of the platforms and waiting areas to make panhandlers and homeless people move along. Customers of New Jersey Transit deserve a safe environment at all times. The police in New York Penn Station do a much better job of checking the seating areas for non-passengers. At times I see social workers approaching the homeless trying to help them. I have never seen that in Newark.
Please, do something about this chronic problem.