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Worst Commute Ever on the #7 Train

February 2, 2015


Today I had my worst commute in all the years that I used public transportation. It snowed last night and this morning it had turned to sleet and freezing rain. I received notification stating the admistratinve offices at NJIT would not open until 10:30. I left my house at 8:30 figuring I would get the 10:06 from New York Penn to Newark to arrive about 10:30. I boarded the #7 train at 9 AM and the train moved slowly as expect toward Manhattan. An announcement was made that all #7 trains would run express since a train was stuck we at 52nd Street. My train which was jammed packed contined until we got to 33rd Street when the train came to a stop. We were told that a train was stuck at Queensboro Plaza. Several minutes went by and nothing happened. The conductor announced that there was a crew working on the problem and that we “should be moving shortly.” He later announced that the train had lost power. Oy Vey! This means a very long delay. Here is what transpired next:

1. The conductor said that our train would meet up with the stuck train so that their passengers could get off. Huh! How could this be since my train was already jam packed.

2. A few minutes later the conductor said that our train would back up to 61st Street where we could get off. A local train could discharge at 33rd street, but since the express was on the middle track, that was impossible. A long time elapsed, but this didn’t happen.

3. Finally at 11:30 AM after 2 1/2 hours on the #7 train pulled into Queensboro plaza where it discharged.
The reason for this problem was ice on the third rail. There is an explanation of this on WABC-TV’s Web Site.

At this point I was so frazzled, that I decided to go back home. Now back to my ordeal.

The MTA announced there would be buses going back to Main Street. I looked out and saw lines of people, but no buses. My first strategy was to take the N to Lexington Avenue and 59th Street and take the R back to Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Street. I was hoping that by then service on the 7 would be restored. If not, I could walk to Northern Blvd and take the 66 bus back to Flushing.

When I got to Lexington Avenue, there was an N train, then a Q train back to Queens that would not help me. After waiting for 15 minutes I decided to take the N to 34th Street where I could walk over to Penn Station where I could take the Long Island Rail Road back to Flushing. Finally at 12:52 I board a train back to Flushing. I finally arrived home at 1:45 PM. Thus this ordeal last 5 hours and 15 minutes.

I think Oy Vey is an understatement.