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Today the #7 Train Gave Me Aggravation

December 11, 2014


It looks like it is 4 delays in 4 days this week, but today it was the #7 train that gave me agravation and not New Jersey Transit.  This afternoon I attend a professional meeting in the Union Square area.  When it ended at about 3;45 I took the #6 at the Union Square Station which was jam packed.  I can really see the need for a Second Avenue Line to relieve the crowding.  When it got to Grand Central, I walked over to the #7 Train where there was an announcement that it wasn’t running in either direction.

I walked upstairs and taook the #4 up to 59th Street where I boarded to R and headed to Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Street.  I got on the #7 local and finished my odyssey at 5:30.  Today’s delay was longer than the others earlier this week. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

3 Delays in 3 Days on New Jersey Transit – It is Only Wednesday

December 10, 2014


This has not been a good week for me on New Jersey Transit:


In the morning I reached the 7:44 NJCL train a few minutes before it left.  For several minutes it just sat in the station when the conductor announced there were some mechanical difficulties and “We’ll be Moving Shortly.”  Since the doors were still open I was able to get off and took the 7:53 NEC train to Newark.


I was working on the late shift so I arrived at Newark Penn Station for the 7:05 to NYP.  Everything was OK until it reached the Hudson River Tunnel where it just stopped.  The conductor said there was a switching problem and that there would be single tracking under the Hudson.  Thankfully, it was only a 10 minute delay.


Again, I arrived in time for the 7:44 NJCL train.  It left the station a few minutes late and then just stopped.  The conductor announced there were switching problems and that the train was going back to the station and proceeding through another track.  This was a 20 minute delay.

The Good News – New Jersey Transit announces their delays in a timely manner.

The Bad News – This is only Wednesday.  Will I have delays Thursday and Friday.