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Random Transit Comments on a September Morning

September 11, 2014

I have not seen fare inspectors on the Newark Light Rail in about 3 months.  Does this mean they are gone for good?  Does New Jersey Transit think that they would rather lose some revenue to fare evaders than have to pay people to check tickets?  I have remarked in this blog that it is a very primitive and cost ineffective way of collecting fares.

I usually pick up the 34 bus in front of my house at about 6:42 AM, but for the last few days it has not run and I’ve lost some time as I had to walk to 26th Avenue and Union Street to get the 20 or 44 bus.

I am working until 7 PM tonight so I can leave later. I heard on the radio that there are delays on the 7 train. Thankfully I have missed a delay.  Recently, there have been more delays in the morning.