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Another Monday Morning with Delays on the #7 Train

June 23, 2014

7trainMost weekends when the Mets are not home there is construction on the #7 line.  There is no service from Queensboro Plaza to Times Square and limited service between 74th Street and Queensboro Plaza.  The construction is supposed to be finished by 5 AM on Monday.  This morning my express train left Flushing at 6:51.  When it got to 61st Street-Woodside the train discharged and we were told to take the local.  The local was extremely slow from 61st Street to Queensboro Plaza.  After that point it returned to normal, but I arrived at work about 20 minutes late.  So what else is new?

A New Jersey Transit Train Delay Prevented Me From Going to A Committee Meeting

June 9, 2014

I was scheduled to attend a VALE reference services committee meeting at Rutgers in New Brunswick today.  The NJ Transit train reached Harrison, there was announcement that due to signal problems there were serious delays on the Northeast Corridor line.  I decided to get off in Newark and skip the meeting in New Brunswick.

Over the years I have endured enough aggravation from train delays.  I don’t need any more.
This was a “judgment call” on my part.  If I felt that my attendance at this meeting was essential, I would have risked having to face further train delays and gone to the meeting.  Needless to say that over the years mass transit delays have taken its toll on me.  I will say that the NJ Transit people were polite when they made the announcements of the delays.  I should not shoot the messenger.  But I do think that NJ Transit, the MTA, and Amtrak must work harder to avoid signal problems and other issues that cause delays.
This delay was described here.  Even though the train was moved at 8:45 AM, I don’t know how much more I would have been delayed.

Poor Customer Service by the MTA

June 6, 2014

Since I have thankfully not encountered any transit delays lately, this blog has been slow.  However, I have just experienced some poor service from the MTA.  Some months ago I started my Easy Pay Metrocard which automatically renews itself.  I don’t have to go through the inconvenience of adding money to the card.  Since I reached the age of 65 I am not eligible for a reduced fare card with the same Easy Pay option.

About a week ago I e-mailed the MTA asking for the correct procedure to cancel my full pay card.  Since I did not hear anything for a week, I phoned their toll free number.  After being put on hold for 40 minutes, I lost patience and hung up.  This afternoon they finnaly responded to my e-mail after 8 days.

This is just poor customer service.