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Random Commuting Comments of the Day

May 6, 2014

Today I boarded the #7 express as usual, but after the train stayed at Junction Blvd. for several minutes it was taken out of service.  I got on a crowed #7 local.”Stand clear of the closing doors, please.  This train can not leave the station if people are blocking the doors.”  I got off at 74th Street and took the E train to Penn Station.

I am waiting at Newark Penn Station on the way home and a man uses a unique panhandling ploy.  He shows a credit card and says that the machine will not accept it and he needs cash to get on the train.  When I board the train another man asks for money to pay his fare since he just got out of the hospital after recovering from pneumonia.  About 10 minutes later he comes around and asks for subway fare to go uptown to visit the hospital in upper Manhattan.

All in a days commuting.  Oy vey!