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Tanker Accident in Newark Causes Delays on New Jersey Transit

March 13, 2014

Since this accident was so close to the NJ Transit tracks in Newark there were terrible train delays this morning. It took me from 7:40 – 8:25 to go from NYC to Newark Penn Station, but the delays were greater earlier

Are 6 Fare Inspectors on the Newark Light Rail Necessary?

March 6, 2014


I have been critical of the primitive and cost ineffective way the New Jersey Transit collect fares on the Newark Light Rail.  Today I left work early for a dentist’s appointment and took the light rail from Warren Street at about 12:30.  When the car arrived at Penn Station there were 6 fare inspectors waiting to check tickets.  I think this is quite inefficient to say the least.  I say that two are enough.  One person can write the summons, while the other checks the tickets of other riders.  I heard that only 1% of riders try to evade the fare.  How much does does NJ Transit pay for all of the fare inspectors and how much money do they gain back in fines?  It may even be more cost effective to let passengers ride the light rail for free and get rid of the fare inspectors.