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New Jersey Transit Conductors are Polite During Major Delays

February 27, 2014


Yesterday it was New Jersey Transit’s turn to have a train delay.  I was working on the late shift and arrived at NYP to take the 11:06 to Newark.  When the train didn’t leave the station the conductor made announcements saying that due to switch problems, single tracking through the tunnel, and ice patrols there are delays.  He was very polite as he repeated the announcements every 5 minutes.  He even gave the phone number to complain to New Jersey Transit customer service.  I do appreciate these announcements since years ago both on the MTA and NJIT riders were usually kept in the dark when there were major delays.  We shouldn’t shoot the messenger.

Morning Aggravation on the #7 Train

February 18, 2014


I always think that a delay in the morning on the way to work is always the lesser of two evils.  My managers know I have a long and complicated commute and would excuse me if I was late.  Delays on the trip home are always more aggravating.  This morning there was a light snowfall which was about an inch or so above the 54 inches we have received this winter in NYC.  My bus arrived at Main Street Flushing at 7 AM and I boarded a #7 express train on the side track.  An announcement came saying that the next train will leave from the center track.  Everyone left the train and waited for another #7 which never came.  An announcement came saying that there are switch problems between Willets Point and Main Street.  Over the weekend there was constuction at the east end of the Flushing line as buses shuttled passengers between the two stations.  It always happens that the day after construction there are always signal problems.  I think there should be a Nobel Prize for engineering if someone can permanently solve switch problems on commuter trains.

Anyway, an announcement stated that there are serious delays and that passengers should take the #48 bus to Willets Point and board the #7 train there.  Of course there were mobs of people waiting for that bus.  I chose to walk about a mile in the snow to Willets Point.  I think this qualifies for an OY VEY.

I finally arrived at NJIT at 9 AM, about an hour late.