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Kudos to the New Jersey Transit Police

December 20, 2013


Over the past year I have used this blog to complain, but this time I want to thank the New Jersey Transit Police for doing their job.  I usually feel sorry for panhandlers as you never know what put them in their current situation.  Asking for money in a public place should be considered free speech as long as it is not done aggressively.

Yesterday there was an aggressive and noisy panhandler in the waiting room by track 1 of Newark Penn Station.  Passengers were leaving the waiting room to stand in the cold to get away from him.  I decided to call the NJT Police.  Within two minutes they came and removed the man.  Thank you for doing your job.

Today, a homeless person was sleeping in the same area.  Since he wasn’t bothering anyone, I just let it go and didn’t call the police.

More Aggravation on the #7 Train

December 10, 2013


It seemed to be a normal commute home tonight until the #7 train reached the 5th Avenue and 42nd Street station where the conductor stated that there seemed to be a power problem and suggested riders take the F Train to Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Sreet.  I followed his advice, but when I reached 74th Street a police officer said there was no #7 Trains in either direction.  Oy vey.  Since there was no bus line on Roosevelt Avenue that “shadowed” the #7 I had to walk up to Northern Blvd where I could pick up the #66 bus.  I was afraid that I would have to stand out in the cold for a long time before I could get onto a bus.  Luckily, I only had to wait a few minutes before I got on a bus which I took to Northern Blvd and Main Street.  I walked home from there.  I arrived home but aggravated.

This is the third time in 21 years that the #7 was not running at 74th Street and I had to walk to Northern Blvd. to get the #66 Bus.

Terrible Derailment on Metro North Today

December 1, 2013



At 7:20 AM today there was a terrible derailment on the Metro North Hudson line in the Bronx.  As of Sunday at 7:44 PM there were 4 reported deaths and 70 injuries.  I keep complaining about delays and rude passengers when I commute, but I must count my blessings that I have never experienced an accident on mass transit.  My prayers go out for the families of the deceased and hope for a speedy recovery for those injured.

Certainly, the National Transportation Safety Board will commence a complete investigation of this accident.  Perhaps the train was going too fast at curve at Spuyten Duyvil. (more…)