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There’s an Empty #7 Right Behind This one

November 13, 2013


I am starting to sound like a broken record.  I guess I am dating myself by using that saying.  This morning I heard on the radio that there were signal problems on the #7 train (so what else is new).  I left my house at about 8:10 and arrived at the Main Street station by 8:30.  All #7 trains were running local as the train I boarded ws crowded at the starting point.  At each stop it got more crowded as there is always some jackass who has to get on and can’t wait for the next train. This causes further delays and get aggravates the situation. I always make it a point to stand as far away from the doors as possible.  I decided to get off at 74th Street to take the E train to Penn Station. Oy vey!

I Signed Up for the EasyPay Metrocard

November 12, 2013


Today I signed up for Easy Pay MetroCard.  No more vending machines for me.  It works like the Easy Pass toll system.  I pay $30 and get $1.50 bonus.  When my card goes under $20 it replenshes immediately.  Since they raised the fare to $2.50 I have put $25.00 on my card.  When the dollar amount was low, I would add another $25.00.  With the 5% bonus I would get 21 rides for the price of 20.  It was somewhat of a nuisance  to stop at a machine and refill my card.  I always had to make sure I had both a 20 and 5 dollar bill.  Very often a machine would not take bills and I would have to use a credit.  At times there was a long line.  Hopefully this EasyPay will work out.

I Had to Raise My Voice While Exiting the #2 Train Today

November 5, 2013


In January I reported in this blog discourtesy when try to enter a subway car.  Well, there  are often difficulties getting out.  The worst part of my daily commute is taking the #2 or #3 train from Penn Station to Times Square.  It is very rare when the car is not a sardine can during rush hour.  Today as I was trying to get out at Times Sqaure about 3 or 4 people were standing in the doorway as I tried to exit.  Then people are boarding the train while I can’t get out.  I just had no choice but to raise my voice “GETTING OUT PLEASE” .  Oy vey.  At times like this I wish I lived out in the boondocks and never had to fight crowds.

2 Bad Trips in One Week on the #7 Train

November 1, 2013


The first trip on Monday morning and the last on Friday afternoon were bad for me.  Tonight I arrived on the #7 as usual, but the train stayed at Times Square for about 15 minutes when an announcement was made that there was a delay because of a sick passenger at Grand Central.  I can certainly understand that and that I hope that I will never be that sick passenger.  The train finaly moved and was jammed packed as it left Queensboro Plaza.  Then it stopped at 33rd Street and realized that the train was running as a local to Flushing.  I just hate it when an overcrowed #7 runs local in the rush hour.  At every stop the doors must open and close several times.  I got home about 40 minutes late.  Oy vey.