Two Major Train Delays That Did Not Affect Me

I have ony added about one post a month on this blog reported on commuting in the New York Northern New Jersey Metropolitan area.  There were two major events in the area this past week that thankfully did not affect me..

  1. The power problem on the New Haven line of Metro North.  They say that this could last for three weeks.  A few Connecticut people who wanted to go to the Oldies Radio Meet and Greet in Manhattan next Saturday have already backed out.  I really don’t blame them since who needs commuting aggravation on weekends.
  2. A track snapped on the F Train in Manhattan delaying 1300 commuters for hours.

I really think that commuters should received some restitution when they are badly inconvenienced by disasters as described above.  Will Metro North reimburse holders of monthly tickets for rides not used?  Perhaps commuters should file a class action suit against Con Edison.  Likewise, perhaps the MTA should give vouchers for free Metrocards when commuters are delayed for hours.

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