One New Jersey Transit Conductor was Kind to Some Tourists


I must say that the fare collection method on New Jersey Transit is very primitive.  Conductors still walk down the aisles and collect tickets from passengers.  We are now in the 21st century, yet a 19th century method is still used to collect fares.  You would think that in the long run an automated fare collection method would save money.  Perhaps union pressure compels commuter railroads to preserve antiquated jobs.

It never fails that at Newark Penn Station people wanted to ride the PATH trains board a New Jersey Transit train by mistake.  The base fare from Newark to NYC is $2.25 on PATH while it is $5.00 on NJ Transit.  If one board NJ Transit without a ticket a $5.00 penalty is charged.  Yesterday a group of tourists with PATH tickets got on NJ Transit.  The conductor let them get away with not paying $10 each.  She was unusually kind.  I think most conductors would insist on paying the NJ Transit fare plus the penalty.


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