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New Jersey Transit Riders Should Not Be Second Class Citizens of New York Penn Station

August 26, 2013



Today I left work early for a dental appointment in Queens.  I took New Jersey Transit from Newark to Penn Station New York and stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a sandwich and coffee.  I went to the Amtrak waiting room and was stopped by a security person and asked for ticket.  I can certainly understand that since they don’t want their waiting room populated by derelicts or other undesirables.  I showed him my NJ Transit monthly pass, but he said I couldn’t sit there since there was an NJ Transit train boarding at that time.  He directed me to the NJ Transit waiting area by the 7th Avenue side of Penn Station.

Isn’t that petty?  There were certainly plenty of seats in that waiting area.  Amtrak passengers are not segregated in Newark Penn Station.  I guess this security person had nothing to do and had to exert his “power”

it is bad enough when Amtrak trains are given preference when there is a delay on the Northeast corridor, but this is really petty.