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Seat Hogs on Subways and Buses

May 22, 2013


Don’t you just hate it when on a crowded bus or subway some turkey just hogs one or more seats?  Sadly, it happens all the time.  I am always afraid to confront people, so I usually walk away.  It is a shame that some people just don’t know common sense or courtesy.

At times you will see small children taking up several seats.  I remember growing up in the 1950’s there was a sign in the subways cars saying “Little enough to ride for free – little enough to ride on your knee.”  Those were the days.

Single Tracking Under the Hudson River

May 9, 2013

ImageOf course this happens when I least expect it.  The train sits for a while in New York Penn Station and the conductor announces there is a delay since we are single tracking in the tunnel.  There are only two tubes of rail tunnels under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey.  Sometimes a train stalls in the tunnel.  Other times, like yesterday signal problems in the tunnel causes a delay.  What also annoys me is Amtrak trains are moved head of New Jersey Transit trains.

What can I do?  Just sit there and wait.

Eating Lo Main in the Subway Early in the Morning

May 3, 2013


This morning I encountered a situation similar to the one seen above.  I boarded the #7 train in Flushing at about 6:50 AM.  After I sat down (yes I can usually get a seat since this is the first stop on the line) a heavy set man sits down next to me and opens up a styrofoam container of hot lo main.  Why is he eating this for breakfast?  I can accept this odor later in the day, but not this early. I didn’t say anything, but moved to another seat.

It is OK to eat a snake or even drink coffee in the subway, but a subway car is not a dining room.  As I have said before very often people just don’t use common sense or courtesy on public transportation.