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More Weekend Work on the #7 Train

April 15, 2013



It seems there is never an end to the construction on the #7 line.  For several months there was no weekend service between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square.  This past weekend substitute bus service replaced the #7 line from Willets Point to Flushing-Main Street. I guess maintenance work must be done at a time when a minimal number of people are inconvenienced.  I am please to say that the transition from the subway to the bus went smoothly yesterday with only short delays.

I Just Hate Swiping the Metrocard

April 2, 2013



Don’t you just hate it when you swipe the Metrocard and you get the message asking you to swipe again?  It happens to me all too often.  You swipe again and you get the same message.  Sometimes it says “swipe again at this turnstile.”  I believe that dirty Metrocard readers are the reason for this.  On several occasions I have lost a fare when this happens.

My request of the MTA is to clean the Metrocard readers regularly.