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Knock Wood – No Train Delays Lately

March 19, 2013

Since I haven’t posted in this blog lately, it means that I haven’t confronted any delays recently.  This morning there was a delay on the Long Island Railroad caused by a derailment, but fortunately I wasn’t affected.  When will signal problems rear its ugly head again?

First Delay after the Fare Hikes

March 5, 2013



I was on the #7 Train this morning as usual, but after we left the Junction Blvd station the train went local.  We it got to 74th Street, the conductor announced that there were signal problems at Grand Central and highly recommended that people change for the E, F, M or R trains.  It turned out to be a minor delay, but it was the first one after the fare hikes.  We pay more as the service deteriorates.

NYC Subway and Bus Fares Go Up This Weekend

March 1, 2013


This is the weekend when subway and bus fares go up.  Back when I was growing up in the 1960s the fare was 15 cents, while it will now be $2.50.  Thus the fares will have increased by a factor of over 16.  According to the CPI inflation calculator 15 cents in 1965 has the same buying power in 2013 as $1.10.  Thus the transit fare has risen over twice the rate of inflation.  For the first time riders will have to pay $1.00 for a new Metrocard from a vending machine.  For the last year I have accumulated cards with no balance that have not expired to save that dollar.  Also, if you purchase a card at a merchant, there is not extra fee for the card.  I am just trying to beat the system.